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About “The Foreigner”

The Foreigner is an online news and feature publication for critically thinking people who wish to know what is current in Norway.

It gives English-speakers an insight into what is going on before they can speak Norwegian.

The publication also brings foreigners’ issues to the fore seen from a foreigner’s point of view.

The Foreigner Team

Michael Sandelson Michael Sandelson (Editor in Chief)

Michael Sandelson was born in London. He was educated as a pianist/composer and worked as a pianist and piano teacher for 17 years.

In September 2007, he started working as a freelance writer for Stavanger Aftenblad’s English section, contributing columns and an entertainment guide on a weekly basis, together with translating some news stories.

In January 2008, he also was engaged as a freelancer for INMagasinet, interviewing and writing articles in Norwegian.

He began studying Internet journalism at the London School of Journalism in May 2008.

Since the middle of February 2009, he has been working as an editor/journalist and building up his own online newspaper, “The Foreigner”. He is also a correspondent for GRN Live, and has been interviewed by several international news corporations including the BBC, CBC, and France24

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