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Online condolence register. In line with the Norwegian media, The Foreigner has an online condolence register should readers wish to send their condolences those affected by the recent Oslo and Utøya attacks. We kindly ask people send their comments to our readers’ email address, The register will be updated once a day, with the newest entries at the top. No email addresses will be published.

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Online condolence register

Published on Sunday, 24th July, 2011 at 17:19 under the news category, by Michael Sandelson   .
Last Updated on 6th August 2011 at 14:28.

In line with the Norwegian media, The Foreigner has an online condolence register should readers wish to send their condolences those affected by the recent Oslo and Utøya attacks.

Ink pens
Ink pens
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We kindly ask people send their comments to our readers’ email address,

The register will be updated once a day, with the newest entries at the top. No email addresses will be published.

Michael Sandelson, editor.

06/08/11 - John Begley, Holland: To all the people in Norway, God bless you all and may he give you stength to carry on, I worked in your beautiful country for a number of years and always found you kind and genorous, my thoughts and prayers are with you, John, from Holland.

01/08/11 - Janet Toole and Family: Dear Fellow World Citizens of Norway:
My family and I would like to send a message of compassion and sympathy to all those who are bereaved because of the terrible events in Oslo on July 22nd.

We are horrified that a criminal act against humanity, especially perpetrated against the young, was planned in such a peaceful, just and feminist country like Norway.

The world citizens that Norway has produced over the years are held in highest esteem by all those interested in building a better and a more peaceful world. The Nobel Prize is recognized as a purposeful, thoughtful and gracious award to be granted to outstanding individuals who make a difference in constructing a more enlightened and humane existence. This is despite its scientific and monetary origins. 

My maternal grandmother was born in Bergen in 1893, and immigrated to Canada in 1912. My mother met Crown Prince Olaf and his Princess during World War Two, when they were here to meet all the Norwegians training in Canada. I visited Norway in 1997, where many cousins greeted me with warmth and interest, and with their help, I discovered a first cousin, who had once resided in Ottawa, Canada's capital.

I cannot seem to reach my Norwegian family at this time, and would like to wish them and all Norwegians love, compassion and strength during this terrible episode in our world's history.

31/07/11 - Letter to The Editor from Ashraf Patel, Johannesburg, South Africa: Norway can learn from the humanist values of Mandela: It was with  great shock  and sadness that we learn of the truly terrible tragedy  in Oslo and Oyalu islands. The mass killing of youth and civilians  in such a peaceful country is so contradictory  and the nature of it  so  insidious, that we all are saddened and praying deeply for Norway.

As South Africa celebrated Mandela Week last week, when Africa and the world celebrated the icon  whose embodiment of justice, racial harmony and peace co-existence is a model for human civilisation, we all were saddened by the violent killings in Oslo. South Africa and Africa have been through the horrors of racial superior ideology and conquered apartheid and racial discrimination. If Anders Breiviks’ main grudge was against people of other races and cultures flowing into Europe, can you imagine Africa, which was colonised by Europeans for 500 centuries and lived under exploitation and oppression and racial segregation  own their very own continent.

I would urge those that are filled with racial pride and hatred to learn from the great Nelson Mandela and  his higher  moral and humanist values. Mandela walked out of jail filled with forgiveness and compassion, even though his people endured dehumanising mode racial oppression and apartheid. As a Nobel laureate who received his Nobel Peace prize in Oslo, South Africans and Africa have a special place for Norway and we urge all Norwegians to continue their  march for  equality, humanity, development and social  justice. The 21st century and  its challenges of climate change, human rights and sustainable development, requires all of humanity to interact, engage and benefit from each other. As Anders Breivik settles into jail, I would urge him to read Mandela’s book- A Long Walk to Freedom and learn about the enduring spirit and life of struggle committed to the dignity of mankind. We are with the people of Norway in their  hour of grief and indeed better days lay ahead. For more information about Nelson Mandela, please visit

31/07/11 - Letter to The Editor from Micheal Moore: Do you know good the people in Norway? Do they call the people of Finland also "Black headeds"? You have to know that also among the 'norsk' people are some nationlists.Not so fanatic like the killer is but they can be dangerous too.Not directly for killing people but to make nationalism more and more popular. For this reason the journalists have to fight agianst every kind of nationalism. I wish you success in that doing.

29/07/11 - David S. Phillips, Manchester, UK: My heart aches and aches over the pointless cruelty of this tragedy. Through it all the people of Norway, of every descent, color, and creed, have come together in comfort and support, symbolized in the flowers overflowing the streets and in the ocean, and today, all good, loving people in this world are “Norwegian”.

29/07/11 - Albert, Gibraltar: Please accept our deepest sympathies in this time of grief and sorrow. Our Prayers are with you all.

29/07/11 - Gibson Family, Canada: To the dear good people of Norway, home of my maternal grandmother (Astrid Johannesen Mjelde of Bergen, who emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada in 1912): My husband and I send our deepest condolences to all of you, both those who have lost members of their families, and those who have lost friends. We know that the Norwegian people are kind and loving, and gentle, and very intelligent and well thought of throughout the world as a peaceloving people. We are so sad for all of you...but be proud that such terrorists are few and far between, and know that extremism whether religiously or politically inspired is always wrong. I have many distant cousins in Norway, with surnames such as Johannesen, Mjelde, Poulsen, Rasmussen, Harms, Furhovden, and others I do not know--it is 99 years since our family was separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Love and sympathy to all of you (I also remember my friend Terje Jorgensen who lived here in St. John’s Newfoundland in the 1980s, and Dr. Magnus Berg whom my husband corresponded with, as a scientist). We are grieving with you for all those wonderful people who died last Friday. We think your Prime Minister and your King and Queen have shown great restraint and common sense in their public statements, and send our condolences to them personally for their losses. From your Canadian friend, Judy Gibson (born Judith Ann Maclellan, 1939), and on behalf of my husband R. John Gibson.

29/07/11 - Annette Aksenov, Adelaide,South Australia: I'd like to extend my deepest condolences to all those effected by the Oslo Tragedy. I pray there will be no more loss. I also have deep admiration for the spirit of the Norwegian,you have shown the rest of the world by example, how to behave in such traumatic times.

29/07/11 - Seema, Norway: Norway Dont cry , the tears makes him happy
who crushed those little flowers
see these candles ,which spreads light
even its melting to nill

wait and think about those budding dreams
they loved to build a smiling Norway
a smile to the world which they dreamed everlasting
come together , and smile , smile to the world
and say we keep their dreams close to our heart
and we make it true by smiling in tears

28/07/11 - Alina, Lithuania: Such a tragic loss of life! I have no words that are adequate. My heart is with Norway and everyone involved… the families who lost a dear one, the rescue teams who searched for victims for hours, the Norwegian government and everyone else who’s involved.

28/07/11 - John Tveten Pfeifer, Austin, TX, US: I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the people of Norway, our family there and especially those families who have lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy. Please give yourselves lots of time to heal as much as you are able. With faith in God and yourselves, you will prevail. Never forget we are with you. If possible hug your loved ones daily and tell them how much you love them. God bless you all.

28/07/11 - Jody Eldridge, AR, US: For the people of Norway. I give my utmost sincere condolences to you all. My heart and thoughts are with you. May you find strength, unity and solace in this time of sorrow and continue to shine the world over as a place of peace, compassion, dignity and freedom. What a place for humankind that's as close to edenic as one could live. You have made a special place on this earth Norway.

28/07/11 - Renee and John Ford and Family, Pembroke Pines, Florida, US:  Please accept at this time our deepest sympathies during this dark time in Norway.  The entire world mourns with you overt the passing of all the wonderful people who were struck down in the prime of their lives in a matter of minutes.  May the lord comfort those who grieve and help heal a wounded nation and it's beautiful people.  America shares your sorrow and prays for you...

27/07/11 - The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Upper Midwest Chapter offers its most sincere condolences to the victims of the senseless violence in Norway. The NACC UMW is an organization who promotes bilateral trade between Norway and the United States. Our Chapter is based in Minneapolis and has member throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Sincerely, Peter E. R.

27/07/11 - Shmuel, New York City, US: I would like to extend my deepest and heartfelt condolences to the mourning families whose children and relatives were cruelly murdered, as well as to the entire grieving nation of Norway. As an orthodox Jew living almost 6000 kilometers away, please understand that, as a father of three, i know how much of a parent's heart and soul is invested in our children. How our lives are dedicated to helping them grow and achieve. To help them become the wonderful people that they could be. And in n instant, one terrible instant, to lose them, is beyond words. Beyond anything but tears. I pray that you should know no more loss, and that the souls of your relatives and especially your children should rest in peace.

27/07/11 - Tzipka Cowen: May you be given the strength to survive your loss and pain, and the love and caring of those near and dear to you to uphold you. My heartfelt condolences and love across the ocean to all of you. 


27/07/11 - Connie and Tim Phelan US: So sorry for your loss. Our hearts go out to you in this time of sorry.  May God give you Peace.

27/07/11 - Haviva, Israel: Words cannot express the horror of this crime and tragedy that our country has unfortunately, so often encountered, on the hands of blind and heartless fanatics. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims and with Norway to whom we show  our solidarity and grief.

27/07/11 - The Greiff Family, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel: Dear Citizens of Norway,  Please know that we stand with you at this tragic time.  When you lose a precious soul, even one, we are all diminished, terribly, irrevocably.  As we say in Hebrew, “Anachnu mishtatfim b’tsarchem” – we share in your sorrow.  May you know no more sorrow, and may God send you all comfort and strength at this unbearably difficult time. With love.

27/07/11 - Marlene Chartrand: I am so sorry for your Norway's tragedy.  Especially the children, they were away from their parents and must have felt safe.  I hope you punish the man who did this, death, unfortunately  would be too easy, let him live in solitary confinement until he dies.

27/07/11 - Khan Ghayasuddin Khan, Saudi Arabia: While I was so sad to learn this horrible act of killing in a relatively or I can say the most peaceful country on the face of  earth, I as a Moslem and as an individual strongly condemn it and no sympathy with such devils.  I was sad further to learn that he would be given a sentence of 32 years only, once he comes out of jail he would be considered as a Hero by the Far right extremist. Class in your very own country and in the world elsewhere.I have so much sympathy and my prayers with all those relatives who lost their loved ones.

27/07/11 - Kirsten Eikum, Enumclaw, WA, US: My heart is heavy with this tragedy.  My thoughts are with the families that lost loved ones.

27/07/11 - Claudia, Ontario, Canada: Our thoughts and prayers from Canada to all the people in Norway. May God bring the streght and will to overcome this tragic experience. Our hearts are with you all.

27/07/11 - Padraig and Lynne Cherry, Vancouver, BC, Canada: Words cannot express the sadness we feel for the people of Norway following the recent horrific events.  We know you are a strong, courageous people and we want you to know that the people of the world stand with you against such senseless violence.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

27/07/11 - Anne Owens: To the great people of Norway: Please accept my deepest sympathies for the tragedy inflicted upon you. I share your sorrow and wish I could comfort you. I can only weep.

26/07/11 - KT, Texas, US: Vi elsker Norge.  Stay strong.

26/07/11 - Rhonda Bang, Plano, TX, US: I had the privilege of being in Oslo a few days after 9/11 and will never forget the outpouring of sympathy & kindness from the Norwegian people shown to the people of the US & our embassy in Oslo. My heart goes out to the Norwegian people - please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.  I am proud to say that Norway is the home of my ancestors & Norwegian blood flows through my veins.  We in the US were just as shocked when the Oklahoma City bombing happened, but know that you too will recover from this horrible event.  You are a strong, proud people - mourn, remain vigilant, and never, ever forget.

26/07/11 - Luca: My thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time.I'm sure the ones that  believe in a better society are never lost , they live on in our ideas.

26/07/11 - Gerard and Wendie van Gerven, Swansea, Massachussets, US: Please accept our sincere condolences to the families of the victims, and the people of Norway. We pray that this senseless deed will only serve to unify the Norwegian people in a resolve for peace, compassion and a better society. 

26/07/11 - Paula Truyens: Words cannot expressthe horror of this crime and the tragedy caused by a madman with deluded ideas and no sense of empathy. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims and with Norway. I was touched by how close your prime minister and the king and queen are to the people, not afraid to show their solidarity and grief. Please don't change.

26/07/11 - Karolina Tobiasova, Ankara, Turkey: I'm with you all in my thoughts and prayers..
My deep condolences to all the families and friends; lots of power to all who had to see it.

26/07/11 - Sue Carlyon, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia: My sincere and heartfelt sympathy to all Norwegians affected by this shocking event. This massacre must become the catalyst for global change so that those who have died, have not died in vain. Jesus Christ gave mankind the challenge to love one another and generate peace on Earth almost 2000 years ago. He also said to put God first. There is only one God and one humanity and it is time political and religious leaders understood this fact and worked together with the teachings of Jesus to attain peace and end violence and this senseless human suffering, before there is yet another great tragedy. Thank you and sincerely

26/07/11 - Tom Johnston: My heart aches along with you. I'm from Ontario, Canada and want to express to you how sorry I am for this tragedy. To the survivors and the family members of the victims, please know that millions of us are supporting you from all around the world, in the only way we can- by sharing your deep grief.

26/07/11 - Ron Johnsen: My sincere condolences to all the families who have lost a loved one in such a senseless tragedy. I have many relatives in Norway and my deepest sympathy goes out to all of Norway. May God bless you all and Norway.

26/07/11 - Cerise Deslauriers, Seattle, WA, US: I was horribly grieved to hear of such a savage act committed on your country. I send blessings and love from Seattle  and will pray for peace and restoration for your hearts. You're not alone - the world grieves with you in all corners. You are richly loved, Norway.

25/07/11 - Brian, Donna & Glenn Norrie: We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the friends and families of all those were killed in Oslo and Utøya, our thoughts are also with the other people in Norway who have been so affected by what that evil man has done.  To think he calls himself a Christian, I don’t think so.  We are praying for you all and God will help you through this and bring you out the other side.  May they never be forgotten, RIP. With all our love and prays

25/07/11 - Aly Nazerali: My thoughts and concerns are with the people of Norway during this hard period. I hope that the country will heal quickly but also remain resilient to its time-tested endurance of tolerance and promoting pluralism. The loss of life of so many young people, their future and their potential contribution to both Norway and the world is tragic, sad and completely unnecessary.

25/07/11 - Ate Muntingh: We condole the people in Norway with the loss of so many young people. Be asured that there is also a lot of love in the Netherlands  for the Norwegians in the struggle against hate.

25/07/11 - Ross and Corrie Hunt, Winona, Ontario, Canada (formerly of Jar, Norway): Our sincere condolences go out to all Norwegian's.  This does not change our view that Norway is a beautiful, peaceful place full of good and kind people. While you will never be the same your spirit and strength will triumph in the end.  Norwegian's are strong and so you will overcome this. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


25/07/11 - Andrew Montgomery: My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway, a land I love, at this dark moment in your history. May the love of God be with you all at this sad, sad time. Er vi alle Norske.

25/07/11 - Marie, England: To all those who will have the duty and work of clearing up after this tragic event. It will be exceptionally distressing for many, Police, Fire Service, Military and everyone playing some part in restoring normality. The thoughts and prayers of others who understand the heartache attached to this work are with you now and in the future. God speed your efforts.

25/07/11 - Monica, Washington DC, US: Shock and sadness for Norway.  My heart is with you all.

25/07/11 - Pip Lynch, New Zealander living in Oslo: My thoughts and those of many, many New Zealanders go to the families most directly affected by this tragedy and to all Norwegians.  We stand with you in your grief and stand with you in your commitment to democracy and peace.

25/07/11 - Gintaras Kavarskas: Dear Your Majesty the King of Norway, Dear politicians and eminent personalities and specialists of all the offices of the Royal House of Norway, Dear Your Majesty Prime Minister, Dear distinguished Leaders of the Ministries, Dear all the people, Dear all the peoples in Norway, Dear relatives of injured, killed, dead, I have been deeply saddened for so many people who were killed in Norway, who were injured, who were seriously injured and died in severe pain later. The tragedy has touched my life because I am feeling my deep grief for the killed politicians and their relatives in the tragedy. My eyes are full of genuine tears because I am showing my greatest sympathy. I have already bought and brought large flowers in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius - for the Embassy of Norway. I have shown my greatest and sincerest respect for the distinguished politicians and their relatives in Norway.Would You please kindly accept my sincerest sympathy to all the relatives of the killed politicians, distinguished leaders of offices, and all the rest victims of the tragedy. I am in very deep sorrow and I am very genuinely expressing my sympathy to all people in Norway, to all politicians and their relatives. I am feeling my deep and genuine sympathy,

25/07/11 - Jenny & Paddy McDowell, Durban, South Africa: We send our condolences to the families of the victims and to the people of Norway.

25/07/11 - Gemma O'Dowd, Sligo, Ireland:  Sending my sincere condolences to the people of Norway at this difficult time.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by these horrendous and shocking attrocities and my heart goes out to you all.

25/07/11 - Irina, Kiev: Ukrainians deeply sympathize with tragedy of the Norwegian people. As well as you, we don't want to trust in an event. Keep!

25/07/11 - Sue Johns, Windsor, UK: Another country far away, children I don’t know, but my heart is heavy and I can feel the grief. My God Bless Each and every one of you.

25/07/11 - Teale Caliendo, CT, US: ...we have experienced such tragedy and send you our deepest condolences...there is so little one can say..except to know those around the world as well as here in America are thinking of you in this time of sorrow.

25/07/11 - Jo Sandelson, UK: My family and I were deeply saddened and horrified by the recent events in your small and peaceful country.It seems like many people will know or have heard of someone involved in these terrible crimes.  Our thoughts are with you, and may you be given strength to heal from this difficult time.

25/07/11 - Andrea Gambirasio, Bergamo, Italy: My deep condolences to all the Norwegians.It is very very true that extremism has no boundaries nor religion: let us all stand against all these forms of hate and violence. Let us use the same words of Norwegian prime minister: "We are still shocked by what has happened, but we will never give up our values. Our response is more democracy, more openness, and more humanity. But never naivity." Even more important, let us also cherish in our hearts the words of a Norwegian girl: "If one man can create that much hate, you can only imagine how much love we as a togetherness can create." Let us defeat any racism and extremism with our hearts open to fraternity and love.I weep with you but I keep smiling, the example and values of all your lost young people will be with me forever.

25/07/11 - Wim Van Eynde, Belgium: It feels as words are simply not enough here. Please accept this shoulder to cry on, to share your sadness and to find some consolation. I share the feeling of utter incomprehension for deeds as gruesome and utterly unnecessary as this. Know you are not alone however, our hearts go out to you all!!

25/07/11 - Andrew Bliss, Australia: I've cried and cried and cried. So many innocent young lives cut short. Unimaginable. But don't let it change your ways. Keep what it means to be Norway to respect those who tragically.

25/07/11 - Esther Clinton and Jeremy Wallach, Ohio, US: Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victims and all the people of Norway.

25/07/11 - Heather L Hayes, Baxter, Tennessee, US: I am so sad for the pain of the people of Norway, especially for the families of the victims of this man, as well as for his own family, who are surely in great pain as well.  No one deserves this terrible suffering, but it is most tragic in the case of Norway--known for its warm-heated and tolerant people. Please know that, all over the world, people are thinking of you and praying for your country. I pray that you do not lose your belief in the good of people just because of these terrible killings.

25/07/11 - Iqbal Hadi Zaidi, Kuwait, "World Shocked Over Norway":
Words simply cannot describe how things have curled
Oblong I will turn for sure in addition to being swirled
Regretfully whatever is happened cannot be unfurled
Lost are not only just Norwegians but the whole world
Decidedly it never happened there so they are whirled
Surprisingly on Fri 22 July 2011 the world was shocked
Having attacked two places peaceful Norway is rocked
Of course it had not even dreamt alike so all are locked
Civilian disguised as policeman opened fire and knocked
Killed are 93 people at two spots and the killer is docked
Exact figures may change later when each one is stocked
evil  Andreb Behring Breivik did it alone is now rocked
ffered he no regrets for killing as many as 93 and over
Vulture even don’t do alike hence be crushed by mover
Exited those men and women whose lives were not over
Resultantly each condemned whether ordinary or rover
Norway flag flew at half mast indeed all the global way
Of course King Haralad & Queen Sojna led as they pray
Ran tears on their fsces as to site & church came they
With heavy hearts they lit candles and placed bouquet
Alas! those who lost their lives have gone far too away
ou and I cannot do anything for them except to pray
With my honest and solemn prayers

25/07/11 - Robert Akins: We just wanted you to know how sorry we are about what happened.  You are very much  in our thoughts and prayers.

25/07/11 - Barbara Beiber-Hamby: With sympathy, keep looking to the future.

25/07/11 - Laura & Stephan Feist, Scottsdale/Arizona, US: We send our deep condolences to the victims and relatives of the senseless massacre in Norway. It is so sad to see such a peaceful and beautiful country, where we spent our honeymoon, be hit by such an atrocious act of terrorism. We will pray for all of Norway.

25/07/11 - Fred Bergen, Tuscon, Arizona, US: I wish to pass my deepest sympathies to those families and individuals who have suffered a loss of your loved one.  I pray God will comfort and keep you strong during this dark time.  His comfort and love  will be with you.  My prayers for those who were survivors . May they remain strong in their faith and continue to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

25/07/11 - Sarah Hughes "huggies", New Zealand: Deep condolences from New Zealand...  I can't imagine how painful and confusing this must be for you.  We share your grief.  May you find the strength to go on, and support each other through this.  Much love to the people of Norway.

25/07/11 - Ellen Jensen, The Netherlands: From all I have heard the Norwegian culture is not violent, so this must have come as an extreme shock to you all. Reading the stories and listening to what happened does not make it any clearer. How could the boy who was a forefighter for the weakest become a killer of innocent people? How could this happen in a peaceful country like Norway? So many people have been lost, and so many others are suffering because of their losses - even if they themselves survived. I wish you lots of strength, lots of love and warmth. You are in my prayers, and I wish I could do more.May God be with all of you, and grant that this never happens anywhere in the world anymore.

24/07/11 - Mustafa: These days are full of pain for Norway and Norwegians, but I share the grief of the families and friends of the victims.

24/07/11 - Father Barry Naylor, Leicester, UK: Please be assured of love and prayers from Leicester Cathedral in the UK and from the Churches of the Anglican Diocese of Leicester. Our prayers are with you and we stand in solidarity with you in the shock, grief and questioning you must be going  through at this time. I am ashamed that the man who claims responsibility calls himself a Christian - a man with such views and who behaves in such a way has forfeited any right to claim the name of a follower of the Prince of Peace and the One who taught us the supreme power of love and mercy. God bless you all.

24/07/11 - Hans and Ruan Witvoet, Kingston, Ontario, Canada: Condolences to Norway. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the ones who perished in these terrible acts of violence.

24/07/11 - aholman: I feel very sad that this occurred in your Country and to so many innocent people. May God watch over you all and never allow this to happen again. Many americans are shocked and our hearts feel pain for all those who died, are injured and scarred for life; this should never have happened. Please know that many people in the world condemn such violence inflicted on any innocent children, women or men; of any religion. My sincere condolences.

24/07/11 - Mohideen Ahmed Azeez Jan, Germany: This is Mohideen from Germany. I feel saddened by the events that took place in Oslo. Several innocent lives lost. I wish I can do more to my fellow friends in Norway and the kins of the victims. This incidents sends a strong message to everyone. Extremism has no boundary and no religion. The moderates, liberals from every community have to stand together to defeat this extremist who have no place in our world.

24/07/11 - Charles Tribello, Gibraltar: To the family and friends of those killed, on behalf of my family and my self we send our deepest sympathy. May they rest in peace. GOD  help Norway and its people.

24/07/11 - Antonio Jose Martinez Illescas: El mundo entero se encuenta conmocionado por el lamentable suceso ocurrido en Noruega. Podríamos haber sido cualquiera de nosotros los afectados por la locura de un ser monstruoso que no se merece ni que lo aceptemos dentro del concepto de ser humano, es un enfermo, un lunático lleno de traumas y sobre todo cobarde, una verguenza que nazcan personas como él, es un MONSTRUO. Mucha fuerza y aunque no se olvidará nunca a las victimas, espero que no vuelva a ocurrir nunca una muerte por terrorismo en Noruega, ni en ninguna parte del mundo. Mis más sentidas condolencias a las familias y amigos, estamos todo el mundo con vosotros.

24/07/11 - Anne Simsek: I would like to express my Deepest Sympathie To All the Peopel Of Norway! My heart goes out to all and Not to forgett the Peopel who Helped in this Traumetaising Weekend ....So very Sad , In my Mind and in my Heart i be with you ALL , hope to come back soon Personell to leave a Candle or some Flowers to Remember !RIP all the Loveley Human Beeings .... Amen !!! Greetings ( Angel )

24/07/11 - Stephen Snyder, South Dakota, US: My heart is saddened at the horrific killings in Norway and at the hate and division we are experiencing among people in so many countries.  If only we could meet and learn to know one another in that which is eternal--that which transcends our differences--our common humanity and love.

24/07/11 - Peter Lert, Graton, California: My heart goes out to all those involved in this tragedy, and my prayers for healing of the souls of those who have been lost as well as those who remain.

24/07/11 - Doug Thomas, Alliance, Nebraska, US: "I didn't want to be involved this time, after too many other events that saddened me and prompted cynicism on my part: Too much hurt!  Yet, the tears of your king softened my heart, allowed me to come in, to feel the hurt, which, unfortunately never seems to ends. This time Norway. It shocks to even think Norway might have such a mindless waste of lives. Let me tell you what you are trying to grasp, yes, it hurts harder when it is one of your own. Much more because it is a betrayal. Please know that millions of people around the world feel your pain and pray you will heal, not become cynical like I was, hard-shelled against monsters who shoot children and blow up their own countrymen. Today I shed trears for Norway. God bless.

24/07/11 - Nazac: My thoughts and my heart are with you always.....

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